In order to maintain consistency within YES teams, the following program parameters have been developed along with attached documents.

Teams usually consist of 7-10 students and 2 – 3 Rotarians.

Student Participants

  • Entering Junior year–Grade 11–of high school
  • Complete standard application and submit essay about the 4-Way Test
  • Medical Release Form required

Rotary Club contribution per student sponsored–$2,000

  • $1,000 to offset costs of student participant
  • $1,000 for purchase of international service project materials

Per Student Program Fee–$1,500

Local service requirement

  • 80 hours minimum with 40 hours at one site
  • Completed time logs turned in at each monthly meeting
  • Minimum 10 hours of volunteer service each month October thru May
  • Any month a student fails to meet and report the volunteer service  hours, the student will be placed on probation.  If the time is not made up by the next month, the student will be ineligible to continue in the program.

Team Meetings

  • Monthly for training and planning
  • Weekend Retreat for team building
  • YAIL in January for leadership training

Team Leader

  • Must have already been involved in a YES team as a participant
  • Designated by District 5050 YES Committee
  • Program fee waived

Financial Integrity

  • Responsibility of District 5050 YES Committe